Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Bed With Maradona

There's something special about winning a competition. A childlike euphoria takes control of your body resulting in a short period of time running insanely around in circles with your arms waving madly in the air. When the prize is something you actually wanted in the first place the power to control your speech goes as well, the words come out as gibberish while the volume intolerable.

Those of you who tweet frequently will be fully aware of competitions where entry requires a mere 'retweet'. Our timelines are full of them but who actually believes there is a chance of winning and a real prize at the end? When the wonderful folk at Ockley Books offered a copy of the brand new In Bed With Maradona's 'The First two Years' i thought i'd give a simple retweet, what was there to lose? I never normally win anything, hence the exaggerated reaction when notification came of my success.

In Bed With Maradona is at the forefront of the modern phenomenon that is the football blog. More and more blogs based on the beautiful game appear by the week but IBWM still sets the benchmark. Written by a multitude of talented and passionate wordsmiths, it reaches a level i can only dream of. Whether it's a discovery of something special at grass roots level, a day out at the league champions or a club you've never heard of based on the other side of the world, as a reader you're left begging for more and adding a visit to your own personal 'bucket list'.

With every article in the book having previously been posted on the blog, they all fit in with the 1000 word guidelines. This of course means you can pick the book up, open it anywhere and start reading, the perfect coffee table format. It also boasts superb artwork from the likes of Steve Welsh plus some dynamic photography, everything from ultras to almost derelict stadiums and of course some great images of a particular Argentinian footballer.

The quality of the final product is wonderful, the paper's of a real quality, the layout is neat, clear and professional whilst the content covers the pick of the crop from the first two years from the site. Twenty six chapters covering many different aspects of the game.

As a certain time of year approaches this really should be on all big kids wish list, it is the perfect stocking filler! Go on get a loved one to treat you, and if you have no loved ones, treat yourself.

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